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Montreal Festivals

Montreal the City of Festivals

It is not an exaggeration to call Montreal the City of Festivals. Known for its festive character, friendly culturally diverse population and all around creativity Montreal is a city that appreciates and celebrates the arts in all their forms, and more than likely also has an official festival of one type or another celebrating them.

Montreal Festivals to suit every taste

Whether art, music, theatre, fireworks, or even the art of living as reflected by drinking beer, Montreal is a city of festivals and although they happen with greater frequency in the summer months due to our notoriously tough winters there are plenty of activities happening during those months as well.

In this article we don’t attempt to list all the Festivals happening in Montreal each year, that would require many pages, we do however list 20 of the top events and festivals that have withstood the test of time, many of these have been going for 30 years or more, and earned their place as some of the top events and festivals in their respective categories not only in Montreal but worldwide.

Without further ado and not in calendar order please find below a list of 20 of Montreal’s most popular and best known annually held festivals and events.

  1. Montreal International Jazz Festival
  2. Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada
  3. Just for Laughs Comedy Festival Montreal
  4. Montreal International Beer Festival “Le Mondial de la Bière”
  5. Montreal International Fireworks Festival
  6. Osheaga Music and Arts Festival
  7. Les FrancoFolies de Montreal
  8. Montreal Festival International Nuits d’Afrique
  9. Heavy Montreal Music Festival
  10. Montreal Gay Pride Parade
  11. Fantasia International Film Festival
  12. Montreal Comiccon
  13. Montreal Fashion and Design Festival
  14. Montreal Carifiesta Caribbean Festival
  15. Montreal Otakuthon Anime Convention
  16. Montreal Fringe Fest
  17. Montreal Mural Festival
  18. Montreal World Film Festival
  19. Montreal St Patrick’s Day Parade
  20. POP Montreal International Music Festival
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