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Bixi Bicycle Sharing Montreal

BIXI MontrĂ©al is a non-profit organization created in 2014 by the city of Montreal to manage its bike-sharing system. Launched in May 2009 by Public Bike System Company, it was North America’s first large-scale bike sharing system and the original BIXI brand of systems. PBSC filed for bankruptcy at the beginning of 2014 as the company started experiencing financial difficulties in late 2013 and this is when the new non-profit entity was created.

The BIXI Montreal network has 7,250 bikes and 600 stations spread out across the areas of Montreal, Longueuil and Westmount and is enjoyed by thousands of Montrealers and tourists every season that in many cases now don’t need to purchase bicycles but instead get a quick Bixi to go from one place to another in Montreal with convenience and at a low cost.

Much more than a simple mode of transport, BIXI is now a great way to zip around the city whenever you want to go and wherever your heart desires.

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