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Jean Talon Market Montreal

One of our absolute favourite places to shop for food in Montreal, in particular fresh fruits and vegetables of all types at fantastic prices, is the Jean Talon market. Much more than just the Jean Talon market itself there are also numerous business surrounding the market in all the nearby streets.

One of a network of City of Montreal public food markets located throughout the city the Jean Talon market is located in the heart of Little Italy and is one of the oldest public markets in Montréal. Inaugurated in 1933, it was first called the Marché du Nord, but in 1983, its name was changed in honour of Jean Talon.

Family friendly, neighbourly and local in a way no traditional corporate supermarket could ever be, the Jean Talon Market is a place where generations of both merchants and customers have grown up and interacted with each oter. We highly recommend a visit whether you’re a local or a visitor to Montreal. It’s well worth the trip. You’re sure to find something tasty and delicious and even better, at great prices.

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