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Montreal Underground City

The city of Montreal has one of the largest underground communications networks in the world. Due primarily to the very cold and uncomfortable weather during Montreal’s tough winter months Montreal residents have gone underground in the city core and downtown areas in search for warmth, comfort and efficiency. It is estimated that well over half a million people use it every day. Me being one of them,

I can remember cold winter days when aside from a quick walk to the Metro in my neighbourhood to get to work I would not have to venture back outside into the cold until the very end of the day having spent pretty much all the daytime hours connected to the Montreal Underground City in some way or another for transportation, work, food, services and entertainment.

The Montreal Underground city is located under the downtown core of the city and comprises the connecting underground of the city’s subway system, the Montreal Metro, to an assortment of Shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, office towers, the Bell Centre, Convention Centres, parking lots and much more. In short it is a network of tunnels connecting diverse infrastructure into what in almost every sense of the word comprises an underground city.


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