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Marché Bonsecours Montreal

About the Marché Bonsecours (Bonsecours Market)

The Bonsecours Market, or Marché Bonsecours in the local French language, located at 350 rue Saint-Paul East in the Old Montreal district, is a two-story domed public market. For more than 100 years, it was the main public market in the Montreal area. Inaugurated in 1847, the Bonsecours Market is acknowledged as one of Canada’s ten finest heritage buildings and has become an essential stop on any visit to Old Montréal. The market is named for the adjacent Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel.

History of the Bonsecours Market

Although presently serving as primarily a public market and exhibition hall the Bonsecours Market has a rich and storied history. During 1849 the building was used for the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada. The Bonsecours Market also housed Montreal City Hall between 1852 and 1878. The former city hall chambers later became a 3700-square-meter meeting room. The building was also a venue for exhibitions, banquets and other festivals.

The present at the Bonsecours Market

More recently the Bonsecours Market serves as the Headquarters of the Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec (Québec Crafts Council), an organization charged with promoting and defending the interests of Quebec artisans and craftspeople and the administrators and operators of the popular and successful Salon des Metiers d’Art that takes place every December in Montreal. The Marché houses 15 boutiques featuring top-quality “made in Québec” products such as crafts, jewelry, fashions, shoes, accessories, maple syrup of course and much more. I routinely enjoy visiting the market and being impressed by the talent and creativity of Quebec artisans and craftspeople and it is a must see for any friends that come in from out of town.

The Bonsecours Market was designated a National Historic Site of Canada, and deservedly so, in 1984.


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